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Len Krisak

Len Krisak, a former English teacher, now concentrates on translating Latin poetry. His Odes of Horace (complete in translation) came out in 2006 from Carcanet Press and his translation of Virgil's Eclogues appeared in 2010 from University of Pennsylvania Press.  His own work has appeared in two chapbooks, Midland and Fugitive Child, and in two full-length collections, Even as We Speak, which won the 2000 Richard Wilbur Award, and If Anything. He lives in Newton, MA.


Odes of Horace
Virgil's Eclogues
Even As We Speak
If Anything
Fugitive Child

Poetry Online

The Hypertexts


Richard Wilbur Award, 2000


Four-time Jeopardy! champion